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Taiyo and Kei are the only occupants of an extremely powerful spaceship called the Agga Ruter. Kei had been raising Taiyo since childhood, making sure that he learns everything a man needs to know... including various sexual practices and techniques. The adventures begin when the space pirate Janis captures Kei, Taiyo, and the Agga Ruter. But what's supposed to be a successful bounty hunt for Janis soon turns into a wild, hilarious ride through space, as Kei appoints Janis as "an important tool in Taiyo's sex education". Some bad guys are after the trio to boot...

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The first few minutes of Spaceship Agga Ruter totally freaked me out. The main characters Taiyo and Kei are shown having sex, and Taiyo kept on calling Kei "mother" while they were at it. Now I have a baby boy, and I can never imagine that kind of relationship between a mother and her child. Fortunately, it is revealed a bit later that Taiyo and Kei aren't even related, it's just that Kei's been the one taking care of Taiyo ever since his parents were murdered.

Not long after Taiyo and Kei's raunchy opening scene, a space pirate by the name of Janis captures the Agga Ruter. Janis is shocked to find that there are only two passengers, and she begins to wonder why she was even asked to capture it in the first place. Talking to Taiyo and Kei hardly made any sense, and Janis simply couldn't see why they'd be worth the ton of money she was promised. But the three soon become friends, and Janis ends up going against the person she agreed to deliver Taiyo, Kei, and the Agga Ruter to. Thus, the three begin their space adventures... wandering to various parts of the galaxy and meeting lots of pretty ladies along the way.

Now Taiyo, Kei, and Janis are a strange bunch indeed. Taiyo possesses the innocence of a little boy, and the sexual prowess of the world's greatest lover thanks to Kei's "lessons". He has this uncanny ability to make everyone around him (especially girls) feel good about themselves, which is why just about every girl in the series wants to do it with him. The enigmatic Kei is not even human. She's a product of an ancient technology, and it is never explained where or how she came to be. Meanwhile, Janis is some sort of cat-girl who turns into a ferocious lioness-like creature when sexually aroused. These three come across all sorts of crazy characters and situations, like the time when they encounter this elite officer who has to wear artificial boobs because her own breasts are too small. As Taiyo proceeds to clean the bathroom, he catches her as she's about to bathe. "Your boobs fell, holy cow!", a startled Taiyo exclaims. It just cracked me up.

The art and animation are of high quality, as can be expected from an anime giant like AIC. It shares the same drawing style in AIC's other hentai title "Masquerade". Taiyo resembles most of the AIC anime heroes (think Tenchi of "Tenchi Muyo", Makoto of "El Hazard", and Kazuki of "Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure") and the girls look like the girls you see in those series as well... albeit with slightly pudgier faces for some reason. Meanwhile, the Agga Ruter is a ship with wing-like extensions that look much like Tenchi's Light Hawk Wings. Nudity and sex are depicted in a not-so-detailed manner, and the lower genitalia are not shown at all. The English dubbing is quite good, the only problem being Janis' overly screechy manner of speaking.

Spaceship Agga Ruter is one hell of a funny series. Let's put it this way, think Tenchi OAVs with a Hentai twist. It possesses the same series structure as the Tenchi OAVs -- each episode focuses on a certain something or someone, so you'll get more or less the same amount of entertainment whether you watch just one or all four eps. The ending does is not very satisfying though. It leaves you hanging on edge, with no clue as to how everybody is going to fare. However, these four episodess are really all there is to the series (the AIC book I ordered says so). Still, it's definitely a worthwhile title to check out.

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